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The Stark family has been receiving our protein and vegetables from Livengood Farms for over ten years. The quality, taste, and value of their products are excellent. I have had the pleasure to visit their farm, and it is pristine and a place of beauty. As a farm family, they are always busy but yet make time to answer questions about the farm's growing practices. Dwain and Audrey are committed to continuing education in regenerative agriculture and organic farming methodology practices. They participate in conferences such as PASA (Pennsylvania Sustainable Agriculture) and Rodale Institute's educational days. It's always fun to chat with your farm family when you attend these conferences as well. I almost hate to recommend it, but their farm is too good to keep it a secret. When you choose Livengood Family Farm, this farm will provide your family with good food, good health, and have economic value.
Karen (Philadelphia, PA) - a leader of Slow Food Philadelphia
Saturdays, now for a quarter century, mean gathering nourishment from the Livengood Family Farm. The grace, beauty, patience, and organic competence of those "who walk with them", so to speak, are given from the people and their lands. Calm teaching may occur about the precious fruits of strawberries, black raspberries, pawpaws, and persimmons. Also available are the more rare vegetables of fennel, celeriac, endive, and escarole. Gorgeous kinds of new potatoes abound. Through the appropriate seasons the fields and pastures yield asparagus, peas, beans, beets, squashes, corn, heirloom tomatoes, leeks, onions, chestnuts, pecans, turnips, parsnips, celery, grass-fed meats, fowl, and on and on. The yields are consistently magnificent. The soil, water, sky, and sun seem close by. Eggs of chickens and ducks, milk, cheese, and yoghurt are extremely fresh. The colors of the eggshells and yolks are beautiful. Additional colors can be found in the hand-made ecological soaps. Please give their products a try!
Dr. Shari and Ron (Philadelphia, PA)
My family and I have been happy Livengood Family Farm customers for close to 20 years, going back to when the family had a weekly table at the Reading Terminal Market. We've enjoyed watching the family and their offerings grow, and were thrilled when they started coming weekly to our neighborhood Farmers Market at Clark Park. During the pandemic, Livengood's became a lifeline. We avoided going to indoor markets as much as possible. So Livengood's became our source not just of fresh vegetables and seasonal fruit, but of all our meat, and staples like milk and yoghurt too. Now that we've tasted their chicken, lamb, or pork we'll never be able to buy meat anywhere else. With climate change a real and present threat, we are grateful to be able to cook food grown locally, humanely, and sustainably and serve it at our table. And it's a delight to see and talk to Dwain and his kids every week, a neighborly, human connection that makes us feel all the more connected to the food we eat and the farm it comes from.
Ann (Philadelphia, PA)