Pre-Order Your Fresh Turkey

Reserve your bird while supplies last!

Turkey whole birds are sold out for 2023!

Turkey parts are still available.


How do I get a Livengood turkey?

1) Place a deposit on a bird.

2) Pick up your fresh bird between November 18 and 22 at either Livengood Family Farm in Lancaster, PA or Clark Park Farmers Market in Philadelphia, PA. Balance will be due upon pickup.

How are Livengood turkeys raised?

Our Broad Breasted White turkeys are pasture-­raised outdoors and regularly rotated to fresh grass. They are free of antibiotics and supplemented with a locally produced, non-­GMO mix. No corn or soy is included in supplemental feed.

Effective grazers, turkeys are able to convert up to 40% of their diet from pasture forage into body mass. In addition to grass, turkeys consume a diverse diet of bugs and insects. Their foraging helps spread and incorporate manure, which increases organic matter, sequesters carbon, causes soil to teem with life. Turkeys' strong feet disturb the pasture surface, increasing soil aeration and allowing new grasses to start growing, thus regenerating the land. Turkeys play an important role in a holistic system of animal husbandry and land stewardship. Your purchase of a bird supports these life-creating cycles!

Your contribution to regenerating your food shed?

Customers picking up at the farm in Lancaster: $5.00/lb. (whole turkey)

Customers picking up at Clark Park in Philadelphia: $6.10/lb. (whole turkey)

What will I receive?

A freshly-­dressed, fully-­chilled, never­-frozen whole turkey ready to be cooked; neck and giblets (heart, liver, gizzard) included.

If you do not prefer a whole bird, you have the option (for an additional cutting fee) to receive your bird cut into easy-to-use parts. If you select this option, the bird will be packaged in freezer bags for your convenience: 2 drumsticks, 2 thighs, 2 wings, 1 whole breast, 1 cut back & neck, giblets.

Will I get the weight I request?

We select a turkey for you as close to your preferred weight as possible. The earlier you order, the better your chance of getting the size you requested.

Can I order a turkey for a special future occasion?

Yes, we can freeze and hold your turkey until you are ready to pick it up. Just make note of this preference when you place your deposit.

What if I need to cancel my order?

Deposits are refundable in the form of store credit only.


This year was the first year we’ve ever ordered a pasture raised fresh turkey rather than a frozen one from the grocery store. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you it was the BEST turkey we’ve ever had! I was worried it wouldn’t work in our fryer, but it did, thankfully. It was just delicious and worth every penny paid. We will be customers for life. Thank you so much!
Lynn (Lancaster, PA)
Our turkey was outstanding! Thank you!
Kathy (Lancaster, PA)
The turkey was wonderful! I ended up with nine big bags leftover (meat and bones) to put in the freezer so we are still enjoying lots of flavorful meat and broth. Loved it!
Gail (Lancaster, PA)