Simply Peppermint Soap Bar

Simply Peppermint Soap Bar

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Local, sustainable bar soap made from Livengood 100% grass-fed tallow. The intensive grazing cow herd regenerates the soil while building a prime product for your soap.

Our family enjoys the moisturizing effects of tallow as a gentle cleanser for our skin. We find these bars last longer than most and don't melt away so quickly in shower.


This Simply Peppermint bar welcomes peppermint to the main stage, showcasing its calming, cooling, and energy-boosting properties. Incorporating French pink clay into the top layer, adds a pleasing earthy pink color that also offers gentle cleansing and rejuvenation. This bar is reminiscent of a piece of peppermint candy!


tallow, water, sodium hydroxide, essential oil (peppermint)