Camping Soap Bar

Camping Soap Bar

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Local, sustainable bar soap made from Livengood 100% grass-fed tallow. The intensive grazing cow herd regenerates the soil while building a prime product for your soap.

Our family enjoys the moisturizing effects of tallow as a gentle cleanser for our skin. We find these bars last longer than most and don't melt away so quickly in shower.


Looking to deter those pesky mosquitoes and other insects on your outdoor adventures? This Camping Bar combines a wide variety of essential oils to keep the bugs at bay.

Shower with the soap before heading outdoors or carry the bar with you and apply to pulse points throughout the day. This versatile bar can also be used as shampoo.

In addition, if you encounter poison ivy, old fashioned lye soap like this bar has been used for years to lessen the effects of the plant’s oils on your skin. Mix a bit of the soap with water to make a paste to apply to the patch of skin affected by the poison ivy.


tallow, water, sodium hydroxide, essential oils (lemongrass, eucalyptus, cedar wood, citronella, tulsi, lavender, peppermint)