Dandelion Soap Bar

Dandelion Soap Bar

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Local, sustainable bar soap made from Livengood 100% grass-fed tallow. The intensive grazing cow herd regenerates the soil while building a prime product for your soap.

Our family enjoys the moisturizing effects of tallow as a gentle cleanser for our skin. We find these bars last longer than most and don't melt away so quickly in shower.


This Dandelion bar is crafted using the sunny little dandelion blossom and the rich green leaves of the plant. Dandelion holds the sunshine of spring and the promise of new growth to come after a cold hard spell. Rich in a multitude of vitamins, dandelions also possess antioxidant properties that help fight damage caused by free radicals. French green clay detoxifies and cleanses skin and is one of the best clays for removing impurities and toxins. Brazilian yellow clay is soft and mild, perfect for sensitive or dry skin. The lemongrass, orange, and peppermint essentials oils add a refreshing scent.


tallow from 100% grass-fed beef, dandelion infused water, sodium hydroxide, French green clay, Brazilian yellow clay, dried dandelion, essentials oils (lemongrass, orange, peppermint)