Red Clover Soap Bar

Red Clover Soap Bar


Local, sustainable bar soap made from Livengood 100% grass-fed tallow. The intensive grazing cow herd regenerates the soil while building a prime product for your soap.

Our family enjoys the moisturizing effects of tallow as a gentle cleanser for our skin. We find these bars last longer than most and don't melt away so quickly in shower.


This Red Clover bar highlights the beautiful purplish-red flowers of red clover that dotted our fields. The flowers are a bee's paradise while the plant serves as a nitrogen fixing cover crop. Dried red clover blossoms were infused in the tallow prior to the soap making process. The red hue takes you on an imaginative strolls through a wildflower meadow while you cleanse your body. French pink clay brings a pleasing earthy color to the soap while also offering gentle cleansing and rejuvenation.


tallow from 100% grass-fed beef (infused with red clover), water, sodium hydroxide, French pink clay, essential oils (patchouli, peppermint, tea tree, lavender)