Body Care Products

Tallow-based from our 100% grass-fed beef herd.

Looking for local, sustainable body care products? Try ours made from Livengood 100% grass-fed beef tallow!

The intensive grazing herd regenerates the soil while building a prime product for your skin. Many of the benefits of grass-fed animals are concentrated in their fat. Tallow, rendered beef fat, has a similar biology to the oil human skin naturally produces. It provides an array of nutrients the skin needs to repair itself and to stay healthy, soft, and youthful. Nutrients in tallow from grass-fed cows include vitamins A, B12, E, D, K along with a variety of linoleic acids.

Our family enjoys the moisturizing effects of tallow as a gentle cleanser for our skin. We reach for the lip balm in the winter and the salve jar when we experience dry skin, scrapes, burns, minor rashes, or eczema. We use soap bars daily and find they last longer than most and don't melt away so quickly in shower.